Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shimelle On-Line Crop Weekend - Challenge Four, Eight and Thirteen

Over last weekend Shimelle was hosting a series of challenges over at So I decided to get a last few challenges entered. So for this layout I decided to combine three challenges. The challenges I deceided to combine was challenge four, challenge eight and challenge thirteen.

For the full details of challenge four - click here.
scrapbooking challenge

For the full details of challenge eight - click here.
scrapbook stamping challenge

For the full details of challenge thirteen - click here.
free scrapbooking printable

Here you can see that on I have used grey, yellow and one other colour - I chose blue (for challenge 4). Then on the left hand side you can see a Spanish fan stamp (for challenge 8) and then you under the photo is Little Musling's journalling cards (for challenge 13) - but instead of printing them colour I printed it black and white.

You can see in this photo the close-up detail of the feet and the ink fan stamp on the left side of my layout.


  1. The layout turned out wonderfully! I love the little footprints!!

  2. What a good idea to have printed the 'printable' in B&W!
    Alison xx