Sunday, 21 March 2010

Monster Faces! x

Today, I made some Vanilla Muffins that used 5 egg whites!! They are really nice but instead of just icing them I made scary monster faces on them! Some of them ven have freckles - so their not really that scary!! But they really do taste nice!

Sugar Cookies! x

Shimelle Laine posted a link for these cookies and Mummy thought we'd have a go at making them. When it came to sprinkling the salt, I wondered why salt on a biscuit? But when I tried the biscuit I realised it tied it all together! They were the best biscuits ever! If you want to try these biscuits, I've attached the link at the bottom of the page!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Easter's Nearly Here! x

Easter is on it's way! Easter eggs have been out for months and yesterday guess what? I got one from my Daddy! He went shopping and he bought us all an Easter Egg me and my younger brother, Sam got Cadbury's Button Easter egg and my parents got a Cadbury's Flake! Instead of me and Sam waiting until Easter we opened them and ate some the buttons out of them! Boy were they yummy! Thanks Daddy!! xx