Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 Things on the 10th - April 2012

For my 10 Things on the 10th today, I am going to post my morning in 10 photos!

1- I was up around 06.50AM, so I came down and played my go's on Words for Friends...

2- We went into Maldon to go to the HSBC and Natwest...

3- Sam and I got a cook book each from Mummy! Mine is the 'Sunday Lunch' and Sam's is the 'Macaroons'. Another one to add to my collection! :) ...

4- In the Morrisons Cafe...

5- Before going shopping we went into Morrisons Cafe for a drink and a snack (Thanks Mummy! <3)...

6- Our shopping at the the checkout, just a little more that what we planned to buy...

7- Mum filling up with Petrol before going home...

8- On our way home, beautiful blue sky (even though it doesn't look like it!)...

9- My lunch, (A pickle sandwich with sweet chilli crinkles)...

10- Watching Neighbours whilst eating lunch!...


  1. Love your pics Boo! You should do these posts more often :)

  2. Great pics....enjoy the cookbooks!
    Alison xx

  3. Looks like a fabulously fun day! So fun to discover your blog!

  4. Fun idea for your Ten Things! You can even make a page out of it :)

  5. Just visiting your blog for the first time - nice to meet you Boo!
    I love sweet chilli sauce so I'd be fighting you for one of those crinkle crisps! Haven't watched Neighbours for ages but I used to watch it EVERY single day. I wonder how many of the characters I would recognise and remember?
    And what were you doing awake at 6.50am in the holidays???!!!

  6. hey boo, looks like this morning was busy. can see a scrapbook page from these. come to shimelle's blog this weekend. lovely to meet a young scrapbooker.
    jo xxx

  7. Great set of photos to document your day.

  8. A great idea for ten things, I love the collection of photos from your day! x

  9. Great 10 - love the chilli crinkle crisps myself. Have fun with your cooking!

  10. Thank you to everyone who commented! <3 x