Saturday, 20 November 2010

Guides International Fun Day

Hello Everyone,

I went to a International Fun Day with Guides today, completed 10 different Christmas activities:
Made a Swedish House, 'White Christmases' Australian Christmas cakes, igloos on biscuits (marsh mellows, digestives and icing), Corkscrew Rudolph the Reindeer, Wreath (Made out of a curtain hanger hook thingy and ribbon), Snow globes which had Reindeer from Norway, Clay (for Diwali - festival of light), Knitting kinda thing!?! and a Christmas card - which is really cool if I must say!). There must be one more but just can't remember what it is...

Also, when we came in whilst we were waiting for the other guides to turn up we has to complete a quiz - we had 28 different languages that all say Merry Christmas and we had to work out which language was which. But guess what I got them all right!! Yay!!

And just realised that my 13th birthday is now only 1 month away! Yay! xx

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